CMD return not working anymore?


CMD + return is not working for me this morning.
Was this remove or is it a bug?

On purpose! We weren’t sure people were finding it helpful. Did you use it?

A couple of times. I like writing a description of what I need in a comment, then using cmd+return to generate it, preserving the prompt in the code. I like cmd + K, but it breaks the flow in comparison.

@truell20 is there any chance at all to see it back? :grimacing:

Yep, certainly some chance we bring it back.

We were just concerned that people were hitting it by accident and getting spooked. Might need to figure out a UX fix here.

lol I hit by accident a bunch, but it was kind of nice to have, though not clear whatsoever what it was using as its directing input

I feel like the “correct” UX here would be to have a partial preview of the generation as suggested text ( ala copilot et al. ), but I understand that would be prohibitively expensive without some serious fine tuning

I was using it quite frequently. It was useful in situations where you could tell that the surrounding context was enough for the AI to generate a good result, so no further manual prompting with cmd+k was necessary. Similar to GitHub Copilot where it gives you auto-suggestions from the surrounding context without any manual prompting. I would definitely like to see the feature come back.


missing it more and more :slight_smile: @truell20