Codebase Prompt Settings

Sorry to bother the devs, but I wanted to know a bit of details about these advanced settings when using @Codebase,
What are the best or optimal settings? specially Reranker, Index (all - local) and Reasoning steps … and what do they do?


I would love to have a bit more info on these setting too!

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Have you found the explanation for this?

Essentially these let you trade off speed vs accuracy of the context building. More results per search, enabling chain of thought, and adding reasoning steps will make the search will be slower but more accurate.


Could you please expand on your answer a little? Specifically:

  • What is a “Reranker”? Is there any reason to select “none”, or the non-“chain-of-thought” gpt-3.5 option?
  • What is the difference between indexing “all”, indexing “local”, and indexing a specific named workspace?
  • Why is the “Reasoning Steps” setting a simple yes/no toggle, instead of a number (to presumably set the number of steps)? What is the impact of toggling this setting to “yes”?
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and In addition to that, Reasoning Steps YES always fail with an error “You don’t have access to gpt-4/gpt-3.5-turbo” something like that.

it’s a YES or NO, because it does not refer to a number of steps, it refers whether the model will take a reasoning approach in its response or not, as far as I know.