Where did the codebase prompt settings go?

Up until a couple of days ago (I think) advanced prompt settings were appearing in the chat view, under the prompt input textbox, to the right hand side.

They were however, appearing after the processing of my input, and became visible only then: and changing them seemed to have no effect or reset the chat with my changes not sticking. I thought I’d get back to it at some point, and today it’s all gone. There is nothing in the settings or in the UI anywhere to enable chain of thought, or limit the number of resultr, reranker etc. Am I losing my mind here? :slight_smile:

I’m using Cursor with my own OpenAPI key, is that the reason? I was really hoping to experiment with these.

You can access them by adding the @Codebase @-Symbol to your message.


Thanks @Jakob ! Just to let you know though, there’s a slight UI issue. I cannot change the selection in the dropdown for Reranker with the keyboard and at least on my laptop, its bottom is hidden from me, so I cannot see if there are more options there, and if there were, I would not be able to select them :slight_smile:

You’re right. Thank you for the report!

seconded. Also, I clicked away from gpt-3.5 cot and now I can’t get back to it. Can you help me?

@Taidan The workaround would be to add a few lines to your message so you see more of the dropdown.


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