Strange behavior for command aichat.doAdvancedCodebaseQuery and its shortcut

I have this set to the default shortcut, control + shift + enter.
Two questions:

  1. It looks like only the penultimate chatbox has the ability to pick “advanced” and change the codebase searching options. Wondering why this is.
  2. I tried to do the advanced search with the default shortcut. My entire chat was blown away and replaced with an old chat after doing control shift enter on the last box. Doesn’t appear to be any way to recover my chat I was working with :-/

To clarify, to reproduce, click the advanced in the penultimate chatbox, fill it out, then go to the last chatbox, enter in a question, and press control + shift + enter. The entire chat will be blown away except for the question in the penultimate box. (The last chatbox question you just typed in will not be answered, nor will it be recoverable)

That seems to be a bug. Thank you for the report.

You can also access the advanced codebase context settings by using the @Codebase reference. "@"-Symbol References - Cursor