Copilot++ and Option/Alt key

I really like the inline edits/ideas Copilot brings - but having option as the trigger key is a big problem.

On a mac, and I often use the option key to quickly traverse words/text blocks (guessing many others do too).

When I’m trying to traverse text half of the time I’m getting Copilot edits I don’t want.

Would love to be able to map this trigger to another option.

You can now in 0.17.0.


Fantastic. Thanks @Jakob.

It looks like “Attempt Update” doesn’t install the latest. version (currently on 0.16.0).

Is there another way to grab and install it?

You can reinstall from without losing any of your settings.

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When this happens, we’ve only released the update to a few users. We do this before wide-releasing to check for stability. We forget that people look at our changelog often :slight_smile:

0.17.0 should now be updatable for everyone.

I’m now on v0.17.0 and I can’t find that setting for the trigger for Copilot++. I’ve checked in the main Cursor menu and keybindings settings. How do I get there?

@jlondono It’s in the “More” tab of the AI Pane.

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why cant we bind it to any hotkey?