How do I trigger the new Copilot++?

If I remember correctly, an earlier version of CodePilot++ could be triggered with the Option key on Mac. Now it doesn’t seem to do the kind of look-back suggestions when I just put my cursor on at the end of a line that needs something changed in it based on other similar changes I’m making. This was one of the killer features vs GitHub Copilot, so I’m just wondering if there’s still a way to trigger it manually or something!

As a general point actually, I feel like quite a lot of cursor features are changing quite quickly, and the changelog isn’t enough to know what’s changed. Is there a list of features that would include things like what the current Copilot++ shortcuts are?

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I agree with both. I find the alt-key feature quite useful to be able to manually trigger it. Now I have to wait and see if something comes. Sometimes it does come, sometimes not. This feels more random as it was previously. I guess now it is so that it is always triggered? Still it feels quite random. You never when or if it will trigger…

As @mikachip mentioned. Thinks are changing rapidly. At first I thought copilot++ had stopped working. (btw. is this dependent on copilot? The name suggests some kind of correlation.)
I frequently check the changelog and the forum, yet I still feel like I’m not fully keeping up with the many changes and new features being introduced.

An overview pages like with VSCode for new releases would be great. A few sentences with a 5-10 sek video demonstrating a new feature would totally do the job and for minor features bullet points.

I think one problem is also that the changelog and is often not up to date and on a separate page. There are often updates, not covered by the changelog page. Having it within cursor would be much more useful.