Is there a way to manually trigger Copilot++ autocomplete, instead of having it always on and suggesting things?

I enjoy the Copilot++ experience in terms of what it can do, but it’s overly-eager and very opinionated approach is my least favorite part of this LLM-driven paradigm. Sometimes I just want to sit and think without it assuming I’m needing any help at all. Is there a way I can have the default set to off and have some kind of hotkey for triggering autocomplete? Much like with my snippets I can do CTRL + SPACE and it will opens the “Quick Suggestions” panel. Having a binding of something like CTRL + SHIFT + C could toggle Autocomplete, either temporarily or even if it just toggled it globally.


Bump for this one. Automatic autocomplete is amazingly annoying.

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@pdavisjones I actually solved for this! VSCode allows you to map hotkeys and Cursor made CoPilot++ a toggleable option.

To do it:

  1. CTRL + SHIFT + P, go to “Open Keyboard Shortcuts”
  2. Search “CoPilot”
  3. You should see “Enable CoPilot++” and “Disable CoPilot++”
  4. Set your hotkeys as desired! I ended up using CTRL + SHIFT + V to disable and CTRL + SHIFT + C to enable

Is there any way to change the hotkey for triggering autocomplete?

I literally put the instructions on there on how to do so…

I meant not turning on or off the copilot, but accepting the autocomplete