Copilot++ autocomplete

Is there a way of accepting only the first tokens of the completion proposed? For example, with github copilot, you press Ctrl+Right-Arrow.


Not right now! But it’d be helpful to know if you find that useful.

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Of course we find :pray:

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I’d add a +1 to this - use this a lot with Github Copilot where I want some but not all of the solution (eg. maybe you don’t like the variable / text it’s autofilled). Crtl + right arrow until you get the point you want to change, write what you want, then let it regenerate the rest of the completion is a really slick workflow.

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And please enable the inline command CMD + I for Github Copilot.

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I second this, It would be extremely usefull. Lack of this feature is the only reason why I keep Copilot++ disabled despite much better suggestions compared to Github Copilot.



As mentioned in other posts also, this feature is crucial as not all suggestions are 100% correct, there needs to be a way to accept partial suggestions.

+100 to this. Having to accept a suggestion as ALL or NOTHING isn’t clicking for me. Suggestions are correct for me roughly 50% of the times, but are partially correct for me at least 80%+ times. For the former, not having this feels like a bug, and for the latter, having this would make the experience more productive… I could build up further after accepting a partial suggestion.

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This feature started to work in Cursor v0.35.0 ( cursor-0.35.0x86_64.AppImage ) which WAS awesome :slight_smile:

Bu it is BROKEN again in v0.35.1 :frowning:

I have switched back to v0.35.0

now it is just by default off I think from the changeling

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