Copilot++ slow when using LiveShare or ssh

Hello, first of all I just want to say that Cursor is an amazing product that has changed the way our team develops software we are much more productive now!

However, we usually work in pairs using the liveshare extension but since we use Cursor even though liveshare works fine, code recommendations for the non-host programmer appear very slowly making the non-host programmer much less productive than what could be.

We used to edit different parts of code at the same time but now it is faster for the non-host to wait the host to do the completions.

I’ve noticed this happening when there is an ssh connection as well.

I’m imagining that cursor uses the local filesystem to store files and this makes it slow for a non-host that has to sync all the time.

Is it possible to improve that? We don’t want to stop pair-programming as it has benefits such as knwoledge sharing and we want to keep using Cursor as well :slight_smile: