Copilot++ Stopped working - BYOK

Hey team,

Today I got a notice that I’ve reached a quota for Copilot++ Auto complete and that I would have to upgrade to continue using that feature.

However, I’m bringing my own keys and have those inputted.

Does C++ still require a subscription to use even when bringing your own keys?

Thank you

Hi @Stockton,

Thanks for the question.

Copilot++ uses a custom model that isn’t based on OpenAI’s or Anthropic’s models, thus it would require a subscription to use.

Thank you for confirming :slight_smile:

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If I continue using the free/hobby version, does my quota of 2000 copilot++ uses reset to 0 each month? i.e. can I use it 2000x per month?

I believe copilot++ is 2000 total uses for free users (not 2000 per month).

Bummer… I often go months without coding, and then do so for only a couple weeks at a time. Doesn’t make sense to sign up for a monthly plan, but I love Copilot++ :frowning: