Cursor is not code signed on mac?

I just installed the latest cursor build and when I start it from the CLI I get this error:
[0228/] SecCodeCheckValidity: Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-67062 "(null)" (-67062)

and when I check its code signing status, I see this:
$ codesign -v --verbose /usr/local/bin/cursor /usr/local/bin/cursor: code object is not signed at all

What’s up with this? What should I do about it?


Thanks for pointing this out!

Looking into this on our side.

Are you using Cursor or Cursor Nightly?

Did you download Cursor directly from or somewhere else?

I downloaded Cursor from, and I don’t think it’s the nightly - it’s the regular build.

FYI this started happening on my existing Cursor installation (I noticed it after installing an extension - Tailwind CSS).

I deleted the Cursor app from the Applications folder, then reinstalled it from the homepage.

The issue continued.

We currently do not sign the cursor CLI, only the main Cursor application at /Applications/ (VS Code also does not sign their CLI, if I’m not mistaken.)

The error just started happening though, I now see: [0228/] SecCodeCheckValidity: Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-67062 "(null)" (-67062) on my CLI whenever I type cursor, and last week and prior, I didn’t see this error.

Wondering what might have changed to cause it.

Opened a related topic here a while back, would appreciate a reply: