Cursor Open with SSH permanently broken

Whenever I click on Cursor “Open with SSH”, it takes me to the extensions menu:

Obviously, installing the vscode remote/ssh doesn’t work because it doesn’t support the “cursor-server” on remote.

I have uninstall Cursor multiple times (removed .cursor, removed Library/Application Support/Cursor) but nothing fixes it.

Pls help

it should work after installing the extension

It doesn’t because the default vscode extension looks for .vscode-server on remote, but you guys use .cursor-server

Okay I installed the extension, but now clicking on the “Open with SSH” button doesn’t do anything.

Nvm, looks like the issue is that the vscode Remote-SSH extension has a bug with Match directives in .ssh/config. Would it be possible to upgrade the Remote SSH extension to v0.112.0 ? Looks like you guys use v0.110.1

Will do for the next release