Encouraging good bug reports and thoughtful feature requests

Okay so this one’s obviously grossly self-interested since I’m at 480/500 after lots of failed projects, but…

Have you considered (or would you consider) incentivising helpful feedback with, say, some fast-GPT4 credits? :innocent:

“Well-written, clear bug report with steps to reproduce? Have 80 bonus queries credited as a thank you!”

You folks are obviously working extremely hard at the cutting edge of the tech to produce an awesome product. Naturally for end users, that can mean a lot of extra time (perhaps unintentionally) alpha/beta-testing features and finding edge cases. I don’t mind that, but it is very time consuming and I’d love to think the trade-off is about making the left over coding time as productive as possible. Incentives in query credits are undoubtedly a lot cheaper for Cursor than the equivalent person-hours of testing and writing bug reports, but they’d feel great to receive.

Would you maybe have a think about it? Thank you for your consideration! :grin:


Excellent idea!