Exteme Lag in cursor mid project! Help!

Beside this problem,just want to say editor is amazing and props to creaters.
It started lagging mid project i was doing and now its litterally unusable,delay of 7 secs when clicking on diffrent files,5 sec delay to type something in it ect. Im on pro version membership,using macbook m1 pro (it doesnt overheat or nothing) so im pretty sure its some kind of bug. Anyone have similar experience and has solution for it?

Do you have GitHub Copilot installed? If you uninstall it, does that help?

No i use copilot++ that comes with cursor. I really have no idea what caused lagging,could it be maybe docs i gave him to analyse?

Okay i figured it out. It was chat size that made everything slow and laggy,once I created new chat it was again normal.

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Just curious, do you know how big your chat was? How many messages? Would want to fix this

Between 50-100 gpt4 requests, a lot, 2-3 days of coding. I remembered that open ai 3.5 also used to lag on big chat so I dont think theres something wrong with editor itself.

I see… we haven’t really optimized for the long-chat experience yet, but there are certainly a lot of things we can do to make it better!


I’m facing the same issue and I have no open chat, deleted all previous chats, disabled copilot++ - any recommendations? Love the app and just upgraded to the paid version but it is currently unusable…

This is what I’m running:
Version: 0.30.5
VSCode Version: 1.86.2
Commit: 0e81b24fc275f346a0c44466c7c3cb7152835340
Date: 2024-03-27T00:47:31.099Z
Electron: 27.2.3
ElectronBuildId: undefined
Chromium: 118.0.5993.159
Node.js: 18.17.1
OS: Darwin arm64 23.4.0