GitHub Copilot doesn't work in the Linux AppImage

Was this intentional so we have to use the Cursor chat to get AI assistance?

The Chat is not working again. Neither is code completion although it says I’m good to go.

Please try to fix this asap as it gives a very bad impression of your company, ie. it’s like how the big tech companies will try to make it difficult to use other company’s browsers on their OS, etc.

We have not disabled anything. It definitely works on our side :slight_smile: can you logout and login?

Nope, Copilot chat does not work on Ubuntu 23.04. @sualeh that is a very cliched “it works in my environment” answer to something that is making your company look suspicious of behaving dishonestly. Logged out, logged back in.

Cannot select a folder to open either if I have more than one window open. @sualeh are you on Ubuntu 23.04 with the AppImage?

still not working, sometimes it’s just nice to have options.