Great tool but very unpolished and somewhat questionable priorities

Firstly, this is such a useful tool that for the most part is helping me work faster.
I have many problems with the AppImage as you will see from my post history.
I have a post up here about the Windows version not connecting to WSL2 distro.

These are kind of deal breakers if I can’t work in Linux environments.

Which is very sad because it’s such a good tool.

I posted about not being able to use GitHub Copilot chat which has gone unaddressed. You might believe Copilot++ is better but I prefer apps that give me full control over which tool I use at any given time so this should be toggle-able.

Now, can a dev chime in and address each point before I decide to make an attempt at rolling-my-own similar app? Mine won’t be integrated into an IDE but my plan right now is to use Tree Sitter and vector databases and some sort of way to continually update the vector database of my code base and then use the ChatGPT retrieval plugin repo to have a CustomGPT for each project I have (or same one and just switch out table names in the openapi.yaml).

I would prefer using Cursor if these above issues are currently being worked on but if I’m being ignored, then just let me know, ie. “We are a small dev team and have to prioritize blah blah…”

What made me write this now is that I am starting to believe that your Linux AppImage is causing Ubuntu to freeze and crash now which starts chipping away at the time advantage gained by using Cursor.

Also if a .deb is being made at the moment, please let me know.

I feel like your AI features are good enough for the time being and as a customer who is happy with the feature set, if the dev team is not going to address the issues I face then it would be nice if you can be clear and forefront about it.

We certainly want to make sure Copilot Chat is supported. You can’t get it to work at all on Windows or Linux? I will try again to reproduce tomorrow if so.

Linux AppImage is causing Ubuntu to freeze and crash

We will certainly want to investigate this. Do you have reproduction steps?

I’m looking into what it would take for us to support a .deb. If it’ll be possible, I’ll reply here. Otherwise, please assume we won’t prioritize it.