GitHub Pull Requests and Issues is not compatible

One of my favorite extensions is GitHub Pull Requests and Issues - Visual Studio Marketplace

Which allows me to create and view PRs, reply to comments, etc. without leaving my editor.
I’m not able to use it with cursor and it’s showing the following error:

Extension is not compatible with Code 1.80.1. Extension requires: ^1.81.0.

Is there any way we could expect an update of the underlying Code version? Or would that be a breaking change?

Sorry about this!

As an immediate fix, could you try uninstalling and reinstalling the extension?

In the future, we’ll either merge upstream VSCode changes more often, or we’ll auto-recognize when we need to downgrade an extension to one that’s compatible with our current version.

Uninstalling and installing the extension did fix it :neutral_face: I should’ve tried that before coming here I guess.

That plan sounds fantastic! Thanks a lot!

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