GPT-4 is not working

The quality of my code was pretty bad.

So I tested to see if GPT-4 was working.

I asked the above question in the image.

It is obvious gpt-4 is not enabled.

This is not the first time I noticed this.

I know the cursor team wouldn’t do this on purpose.

We’re using gpt-4-0613, which does not have the updated knowledge cutoff. The gpt-4-0613 model does not know about the existence of GPT-4.

We will be updating to gpt-4-turbo as soon as OpenAI releases that model for wider use, and we are confident that it is still good at coding.

Which model do you have selected, by the way? If you have gpt-4 selected, it should be using gpt-4.

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I selected GPT-4.

Thanks for the response and looking forward to GPT-Turbo!

Keep up the great work!

It is already there in v0.18.2, in the model dropdown of chat.
GPT-4-Turbo’s model is called “gpt-4-1106-preview

shouldn’t it be here?
CleanShot 2023-12-03 at 16.46.00

Found out it only appears when I’m using my API key.