High CPU usage on M2 Mac when scrolling

I’m using a M2 Max with 96gigs of RAM, but scrolling in cursor seems to be super slow + causes a CPU usage spike (past few days).

I initially thought this might be due to extensions, but with the process explorer open I don’t see any spikes in the extension host - the “cursor main” part shows 100% CPU usage for a few seconds after scrolling.

Tried the same in VS code and I don’t see the same sluggishness.

Can’t attach videos here, but here’s an image from a video I recorded:

And here’s an image from the same action in VS code:

This is persistent, happens across multiple projects. Restarting cursor fixes it, but it isn’t long before the problem re-appears (~30min). I haven’t been able to figure out any other patterns for what might be causing this.

Just realized that I can get a performance profile using devtools - will try that when this hits next

I managed to capture a performance trace this time. Tried making sense of it but nothing stands out. Exported and I got a JSON file but JSON uploads aren’t allowed here. @admins is there a place I can send this to?