How to get invoice

I purchased a subscription but I’ve not received the invoice. How can I get the invoice?


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Also require this

Go to website, login, Manage Subscription. It will bring you on Stripe, there you can see the Invoice History. Select the invoice, you can download the receipt and the invoice as a PDF.

we are also adding a way to get invoices directly emailed to you!

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you are or Stripe offer something? so far Stripe seems buggy from what I’m seeing here.

mmm, a bit confused. stripe is the single best payment processors. when we implement invoicing, we will use stripe to generate the invoices. is there a way in which stripe doesnt work for you?

Hi, sorry for the confusion. It just that see a lot of people reporting problem with their account (like they pay for the pro but their account are not upgraded). I’m considering using Stripe billing for my own project (I’m already using Stripe payment), but so far from what I’m seeing here I’m unsure. I might consider Paddle or Braintree or continue with a custom system.