I want to buy yearly business service for 50 accounts

I want to buy yearly business service for 50 accounts, how can i pay convenient?

you sign up for a business account on our dashboard or on the pricing page: Pricing | Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor

Yes sure I do this step, but only one account payment once for yearly 382 dollars can be seen. How can I operate only once for 50 accounts payment? the amount will be 382x50=19100$

Hey! Once you invite new users, your bill will be updated. If you invite 12 users, you’ll only be charged for 382x12 for the year. If you end up inviting all 50, you’ll be charged 382x50.

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It does, but when I using pricing page to go to the payment, I can not find the invite words, pls kindly tell me the steps~

After you register and pay for one seat, you’ll be allowed to invite team members through the our admin dashboard. Once you’ve created your team, this will be at cursor.sh/settings.

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Inquiry on Overcharged Pre-Authorization Amount

Dear Customer Support,

I recently noticed that an additional 10% was deducted from my credit card as part of a pre-authorization process, which has not been refunded post-transaction. I would like to inquire if this extra amount can be returned to my account.

Here are the details of my concern:

  1. Transaction Review: I have reviewed my credit card statement and confirmed that there is an overcharge of 10% related to a pre-authorization for services that were utilized.

  2. Merchant Contact: I attempted to contact the service provider to address the overcharge, but the issue remains unresolved.

  3. Bank Involvement: As a next step, I am reaching out to you to assist with the refund process for the overcharged amount.

  4. Documentation: I have all the necessary transaction records, including the pre-authorization receipt and the final bill reflecting the actual charges.

  5. Refund Follow-up: I am seeking guidance on how to ensure that the refund is processed correctly and any steps I should take to follow up on the refund status.

I would appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter promptly. Please let me know the best course of action and any additional information you may require from me.
As a customer interested in your services, I have a couple of inquiries regarding the pre-authorization process and the management of multiple sub-accounts with individual passwords. Here’s a detailed breakdown of my questions in English:

  1. Pre-Authorization Inquiry:

    • I understand that pre-authorization is a process where a certain amount is temporarily reserved or ‘frozen’ on my credit card before the actual charge is made, especially during services like hotel stays or car rentals. However, I’m curious about the specifics regarding the additional fees. I’ve heard that sometimes an extra 10% is held during pre-authorization. Could you please clarify if this is a standard practice and, if so, under what conditions this additional percentage is applied or released back to the cardholder?
  2. Sub-Account Management:

    • Our organization is considering your services for various departments, and we require a way to create and manage multiple sub-accounts under our main account. Each sub-account should have its own unique password for security purposes. Are there any tools or services within your platform that facilitate the creation and management of sub-accounts?
    • Specifically, we are looking for a solution that allows us to:
      • Create sub-accounts with unique identifiers and passwords.
      • Assign different levels of access permissions to each sub-account based on their departmental roles.
      • Ensure that the main account has oversight and the ability to modify or revoke permissions as needed.
      • Receive a consolidated bill for all activities performed by the sub-accounts under the main account.
  3. Security and Password Management:

    • What measures do you have in place to ensure the security of the passwords for these sub-accounts? Are there any guidelines for creating strong passwords, and can the system prompt password changes periodically for added security?
  4. Billing and Cost Management:

    • How does the billing work for the main account in relation to the sub-accounts? Will the main account receive a detailed breakdown of the charges incurred by each sub-account, and is there a way to set spending limits or alerts?
  5. User Experience:

    • Can you provide an overview of the user interface for managing these sub-accounts? We are particularly interested in how intuitive and user-friendly the process is, especially for non-technical staff who may be responsible for managing these accounts.
  6. Customer Support:

    • What kind of customer support can we expect if we encounter any issues with the pre-authorization process or sub-account management? Are there dedicated helplines or online support channels that we can access for assistance?

Your detailed response to these points will help us in making an informed decision about utilizing your services for our account management needs. Thank you for your time and assistance.
and your attention to this inquiry.

Best regards,