(Important) About the Index function

Let me confirm something very basic but important.
I’m talking about indexing by URL in a new Doc creation.

  1. Indexing is the process of scraping all the information from a website and storing it locally, correct?
  2. If the site is large, can it take more than a few hours?
  3. In the following video I tried to index the root domain of a huge site, is it my understanding that Loading means it is not indexed yet?
    Screen capture - 025edf68306a03c82ecacf4473f491f2 - Gyazo

Thank you.

(PS) If you have a basic operations manual, pls share references.

After 30 minutes, not a single one seems to have been indexed. If this is the case, should I reset the system?

Your video is pointing to the codebase indexing. Not the Custom Docs indexing. You need to open a folder to start the codebase indexing.

hi Jakob

Could you please explain the difference in more detail?
Can you accomplish what I’m trying to do in conclusion?
*I am actually a non-programmer, I don’t want to program, but I want to create a custom chatbot for a specific website, can this be done?