Is Free tier always limited to 50 GPT-4 uses?


I’m evaluating Cursor and so far it looks great!

I want to make sure I understand what the cost would be in a more realistic use:

  • My own openai API key + Local Mode → I will still be limited to 50 GPT-4 uses? Or is this only in case I’m not running it in Local Mode?


with your OpenAI API key, you are free to use GPT-4 if you have access to it,
it’s not limited by Cursor anymore.

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Is it 50 uses per month in cursor or total 50 uses of GPT-4? Also does the use gets refreshed after a month or some fix date like 1st of every month?

as it says here per month for slow GPT 4 uses.

As I am not using it much now almost 20 days use and was thinking then would probably upgrade when uses go up.


You can use Cursor as much as you want with your API key. No limits.


If you’re using the free plan without your API key, believe it’s 50 GPT-4 uses in total. GPT-4 is expensive :confused:

Then why it says monthly

Yes , thought so maybe be error in the info , would be great if you could change it. Also is the GPT 3.5 then 200 request monthly as I want to test if I need as much or not first.

This was a mistake on the settings page! Apologies. Have pushed a fix just now. The pricing page has always said that that the free tier only gets 50 GPT-4 requests.

To be clear, would love to offer 50 GPT-4 requests per month for free, but GPT-4 inference is too costly to make that sustainable right now.

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Yep this is monthly, thought GPT-3.5 is significantly worse at coding in our experience.

Thanks for the info.

Yes , that’s true. I am thinking to first try the commenting and editing part for simpler code to see how productive it is. Also, when does the usage reset for monthly. Is it end of the month or every 30 days from the first day I started.