Issues having to remind Chat to address your requirements?

I typically describe my requirements in bullet point forms, including things like use this object and not a fetch call, for example. But I’ve found that I have to remind Chat to address requirements that it has overlooked, often two or three times.

Is there a best practice for not having to do this? Maybe a better customized AI prompt for Rules for AI? It’s been a month or so since I’ve used cursor and I don’t remember it being this forgetful on specifics.

What model are you using?

If you aren’t on privacy mode, could you report the chat as bad (cmd-shift-P and then type “Report Latest Chat as Bad”)? Would help us figure out what’s going wrong!

Using the GPT 4; didn’t know about that way to report issues. I’ll do that going forward. If it keeps up I’ll add some AI Rules too.

I generally do the same thing and have noticed the same problem. However, using numbered points instead of bullet points seems to work slightly better in most of my cases.

1 - Do this.
2 - Do that.
3 - Don’t do this.