Keybind setting to "Submit Edit" in Command+K and Chat

Hi Cursor team,

I want to customize the shortcut key to submit a prompt in Command K and Chart, because I want to frequently input multiple lines in a form of Command K and Chat. We can use the combination “Shift + Enter” key to input a new line. However, I want to change the default shortcut key to submit a prompt. I sometimes to make mistakes to start a new line by pressing the Enter key. The preference to change the default keyboard shortcut to Command K and Chat would be useful for Cusor users who frequently input multiple lines prompts.

For instance, Slack app enables us to change the preference when entering the Enter key. By default, it sends messages. However, we can change it to input a new line with the preference. It prevents us from unexpectedly send messages.

When writing a message, press Enter to…
[ ] Send the message
[ ] Start a new line (use Enter to send)