Long context mode can't edit

the long context mode has these bugs below:

  • not support /edit command.
  • can’t remember current mode, it means that, if I use long context mode, it will reset to normal chat when next ctrl+L
  • the use quota will not decrease. (may it is unlimited??)
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What’s the context size of long context mode? Can we have some more communication from the team? Features are disappearing, other ones are enigmatic. I don’t know what will stay and what will go.

Judging by the model names, I’m assuming they are 200k.

Although I don’t know how many requests we actually get. I hope it’s not 10 per day like with opus.

Can we have sonnet and gpt 4 turbo in long context mode, but with three stipulations:

  1. Happy to pay for generation
  2. please fix the prompt so it works better (https://twitter.com/SullyOmarr/status/1774960295393538519)
  3. edit aware

cc @rishabhy

The daily quota depends on the price of api. :joy: