New AI project always full of erorrs? Or I doing something wrong?

Asked for a single player connect 4 game using c# and console. Lots of errors. Missing complete methods that its trying to call. Making fields private that need to be public

You should not be fully reliant on the model to create a project. The purpose of generating an AI Project is to give you a foundation to work off of - errors are to be expected.

chatgpt gives me a mostly error free starting point. .so I guess better to use that

Creating a project from scratch using cursor is not ready for prime time.

Right now, it’s impossible to skip this option when creating a new AI project. I think the cursor team should consider adding a skip button. Additionally, generating boilerplate for a specific stack has a pretty high rate of success for me. Maybe consider adding some dropdown menus that are well-vetted, where you can specify your stack and some basic features of your project (e.g. webapp with js frontend, flask backend, postgres db, login page) and have it generate it for you. You could even cache the results and save a few GPT calls.