New issue: Cmd + right arrow now accepts suggestion? How do I disable?

Since updating Cursor to the latest version, I’m now having an issue where it accepts the ghost text suggestion a lot more often than I intend to. I think I’ve isolated the issue:

Previously, the only time ghost text suggestions were accepted is when I pressed tab. But I use the keyboard shortcuts for text manipulation a lot, and I finally figured out that Cmd + right arrow accepts the suggestion when I don’t want it to.

The specific repro is: get the editor in a situation where it’s making a suggestion. Press Cmd + right to jump to the end of the text line (this is a standard Mac keyboard shortcut) and it accepts the Cursor suggestion.

How can I fix this? It’s kind of driving me crazy.


I have the same problem on mac and it’s super annoying. There seems to be no way to disable the partial accept action (editor.action.inlineSuggest.acceptNextWord) or unbind the keyboard shortcut for cmd+right.

It even triggers that action on cmd+alt+right which I use often to next active editor tab.

Cursor Team, please fix this


Thanks for noting this issue, we plan on allowing users to disable it in our next version!


What is your timeline for the next version?
This is not a small issue. It made Cursor completely unusable for me.


Ohhh, I just noticed in the forum that Cmd + right is a new feature: the ability to accept partial suggestions. I literally thought this was a bug. :slight_smile: Apparently VS Code has this but I never noticed.

I remembered that Ctrl + a/e also goes to begin / end of line so I’m going to try and switch my muscle memory to use that so I can try this partial suggestion feature.

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+1. This makes Cursor completely unusable for me. Can’t keep count of the number of wtfs the last two days b/o this…



+1. As general feedback, any keybindings that you introduce must be configurable. I’ve said the same thing about the Tab shortcut for accepting a suggestion. We all have different habits / preferences. The beauty of the VS Code-based ecosystem is its customizability.

I’ve been looking for a way to accept just the next line suggestion, this feature was needed. But it needs to fit in with the rest of my workflow and everyone else’s, not the other way around.


By allowing users to disable, are you saying it will either be enabled with the Cmd + right keybinding or disabled altogether? Or will the keybinding be configurable?


@rishabhy May I suggest that you should consider rolling back to a previous version when a serious bug like this is deployed or allow us to download different versions of Cursor as we wish.

Although I really enjoy using Cursor, I’m trying to create a business and I can’t justify downtime that lasts for days.

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You can simply turn off Cursor++ and it stops this feature until it’s fixed

Yep, this is what I’m doing now but I think the topic is bigger.
I am trying to point out that Cursor can either say we are an experimental tool, things will break and you should be okay with that or aim for reliability.

Personally, I’d rather support a startup but I want to understand how much time it’ll cost to me.
An unreliable Copilot++ is hard to justify against a reliable Copilot. Productivity difference becomes negative pretty quickly.

On top of that, we are creatures of habit and it’s very frustrating to experience these disruptions. Surely you understand that.

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You can use these versions for now!

Mac, Windows, Linux


Awesome, thank you!

@rishabhy Thanks, I’ve installed it and I see I can now change the shortcut. However, I’m unable to change it to Ctrl + right. At first, Mac Mission Control was using this but I disabled it in Mac Settings.

Within the cursor/vs code keyboard shortcuts I’m able to type this as a key and it properly shows up. So the IDE is clearly capturing the keystroke.

But after I assign this keystroke, the Next Word of Inline Suggestion will never be triggered by it. Just to be sure I changed it back to Cmd + right and it works that way, but I want to assign it to Ctrl + right.

It’s not yet possible to use a diffferent keybinding for partial accepts - happy to update here when we implement that!

I’m kind of perplexed how you would wind up accidentally taking over multiple extremely common, system-wide keyboard shortcuts for navigating around text.

All shortcuts involving arrow keys in conjunction with command, option, or shift modifier keys are already bound for text input contexts. Several are also bound for system wide behavior in conjunction with control. All of which effectively means arrow-key shortcuts should not be utilized for anything application specific unless set explicitly by the user.

Cursor should be able to use VSCode’s configurable keyboard shortcuts for everything. As a design goal, there should not be situations where Cursor listens for shortcuts that are not configured in the keyboard shortcuts, or where altering the shortcut does not alter Cursor’s behavior. This is especially important when setting shortcuts that conflict with system or app defaults, and even more so when the behavior triggered modifies files/code!


Can you provide a version for intel macs also?

Here is the intel mac download, sorry about that!

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Did they really not fix this in the latest release? I can’t see any options in keybindings to disable this behavior and it is still overriding my cmd+rightArrow…

You should be able to disable this in the newest release in Cursor Settings (cmd-shift-J) > Features > Copilot++ Partial Accept! Let me know if this doesn’t work for you!

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