Persistent 502s with Copilot++

Copilot++ seems to be having troubles, completions haven’t been working for about half an hour and see a bunch of these in my logs:

2024-05-15 21:51:35.447 [info] CURSOR LOG: restFunc done ec192f3a-257d-473f-9fed-7891b01ccdc6
2024-05-15 21:51:36.052 [info] CURSOR LOG: restFunc initiated f7b6d645-1637-4645-9540-2c7d484ad857
2024-05-15 21:51:36.144 [info] CURSOR LOG: Error in streaming cpp [unavailable] HTTP 502
2024-05-15 21:51:36.144 [info] CURSOR LOG: restFunc done f7b6d645-1637-4645-9540-2c7d484ad857
2024-05-15 21:51:36.233 [info] CURSOR LOG: restFunc initiated 81ea665d-82d0-4537-85b2-3f03e5efa118
2024-05-15 21:51:40.123 [info] CURSOR LOG: Error in streaming cpp [canceled] This operation was aborted
2024-05-15 21:51:40.123 [info] CURSOR LOG: restFunc done 81ea665d-82d0-4537-85b2-3f03e5efa118
2024-05-15 21:52:17.223 [info] CURSOR LOG: Error in streaming cpp [unavailable] HTTP 504
2024-05-15 21:52:17.223 [info] CURSOR LOG: restFunc done 3e585388-f16f-4147-b1a1-29c53cd299ae

Apologies about this! Seems like there was a quick blip in part of our infra. Should be stable now.

Let us know if anything looks unexpected on your end.

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