Copilot++ not working, "resource_exhausted" error

Copilot++ stopped working a while back, and I now see these in the error logs:

The file I’m editing is 120 lines long, and doesn’t have any absurdly long lines. Is this a limitation of the file I’m using, or is this a Cursor capacity issue?

This happens when the model is generating a lot of tokens (the stream time is also suspiciously high). Do you mind sharing a few lines above and below the cursor when you see this error?

Feel free to send them to if you’d prefer!

Also would be curious if you still run into this when you switch files!

Hmm, just checked using the same file right now and it seems to be working - I can swear it wasn’t working for a good 10m+ when I worked on the same file last. Will leave a note here if I see this again!