Copilot++ next line prediction no longer working?

Copilot++ itself seems to work, before I purchased pro I was able to simply tab, and it would move to completely different lines in the file (which was great!), but i n the last 1-2 days of working with Cursor (after I purchased the pro version), I hasn’t predicted / moved me to a different line even once.
I’ve double checked that I have the feature enabled.
Any help is appreciated!

Hey - just made a change on our end, is it working now?

Thanks, that worked!

I’m facing similar issues where my autocomplete has stopped working since purchasing pro, can you let me know what I can do to make this work?

this is what it looks like turned on. do you see it turned on?


Yeah it’s turned on but no autofill is being done unfortunately

@ericsen Could you go to the “Output” tab beside the terminal and paste what you see in the Copilot++ output log?

Yeah above is a screenshot of what I see

Appreciate it. Does the output change when you type in the editor? What about if you quit, reopen, and type?

Well, I apologize for wasting your time :sweat_smile: restarting it fixed the auto-complete!