Please communicate better

I love the program, love the updates, love how fast you guys can make changes.

However, I find it quite hard to know where to go for updates, support, or problem-solving.

The nightly build channel in Discord doesn’t get updated. I can’t check for updates or update manually in program. If I click the changelog in the nightly build, I have to then click the nightly button on the website to see those updates. In the program itself I can’t actually update as I won’t get the update prompt again after looking at the changelog.

When changes do happen - like turbo being implemented, fast mode context changes being made, or copilot++ changes happening (to name a few mentioned in comments) - it’s not communicated in a single place.

When there are bugs multiple users are reporting (like the "You have run out of autocomplete uses), it’s not mentioned anywhere or addressed.

When you make changes to plans (like the 500 extra fast requests), that’s not communicated, and it isn’t clear if it’s recurring, or a one-off top-up. It’s not mentioned on your pricing page.

Even the new docs at aren’t linked to from your main site or available in the program.

All of this could be handled with a single place for updates that is replicated across discord and the forums, a single support app/channel, and some minor updates.

I love using Cursor but I think these things would really help onboarding on new users who don’t quite know if it’s right for them. It’d probably make your lives easier pointing to one place for all of these requests you get from various places.


This is news to me. Didn’t know that doc site existed.

but why is it its own site? Why not something like :question:

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It’s here:

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Really appreciate the feedback. We’re a small team and a bit overloaded, but we certainly can be better about communicating more on the margin (we especially fall short at this with Nightly users on the Discord e.g. with the “run out of autocomplete” bug you mentioned).

Not sure if this is what you meant, but I think I like the idea of updating our changelog more and making sure it get automatically pushed out to all surfaces (Discord, Forums, etc.)!

Apart from that + a status/uptime page + posting more on the forum, any ideas for how we can be better here are appreciated :slight_smile: we will do our best.


I like this!

Sounds like a solid solution.


Funny I just filed Add Cursor docs to built-in docs? · Issue #1322 · getcursor/cursor · GitHub before reading this comment. I agree that docs in the IDE would be useful!

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It’s really hard to know what’s up with cursors. For example, I read somewhere in this forum or in a GitHub Issue that you can add the model Claude-3-Opus so we can use it without OpenRouter or other stuff.

We need a changelog for this. A place where this happens, Discord is also pretty much dead. its super frustrating.

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there is a changlog:

it’s on the offical website footer right side.

I know that this exists, but it’s not being used or frequently updated.