[Pricing Question] What is the extra product on upgrade?

When I upgraded to Cursor pro, there were 2 products in the “basket”
1- the unlimited plan as described on the pricing page
2- some other product that mentioned 150k free requests, then a price per usage.

This is super confusing.

Is the plan unlimited or not? :slight_smile:


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I was also confused by this would be great to get more clarity on this, following!

Apologies about this! We used to have usage-based pricing, but no longer do. That is the Stripe line item that authorizes usage based pricing.

We haven’t yet done the migration to remove it (requires a tricky refactor). That said, it will not be used, and you will not be billed for it.

(We’ve been crushed a bit by the inflow of users and haven’t been able to bring our head above water but plan on removing this as soon as we have a bit of bandwidth)


thanks @truell20. Cursor is fantastic. Keep up the good work!

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Don’t worry, don’t haste and go through the to-do list in its needed time. It’s a great product and you earned the incoming flux ^^

Taking this full-circle, this was on our backlog longer than expected, but the line item is now removed from the checkout process and has been taken off of everyone’s subscriptions.