Reduce annoyances

Sorry for the title.

Enjoying Cursor, but there are a few things that get to be really annoying, enough to make me stop:

  1. Cursor consistently and routinely breaks my keyboard shortcuts–even non-Cursor related ones. (It seems to just delete them and they stop working. I never upgrade Cursor anymore to try to avoid this, but it seems to still happen.)
  2. During the initial sync, it didn’t bring in my code snippets (so now I’m concerned I have VSCode with old settings, and Cursor with unknown partial settings, and I’m not sure if I should switch back to VSCode since I don’t know what else in my config Cursor may have messed up and these settings took years)
  3. Cursor routinely disables my API “enabled” setting, so that it can nag me to upgrade to the pro plan.

Move fast and break things, except for the user’s non-Cursor related settings please.

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Yes, these are all very bad annoyances we want to fix. All on the docket when we have eng bandwidth

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What OS are you on? Trying to reproduce this. Any keyboard shortcuts in particular?

Btw reproduced this and will have a fix out in the next release. We certainly don’t want to nag anyone :slight_smile: Ty for reporting!

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Thank you!

Not sure it’s happening anymore. Hasn’t happened in a while. I’ll report back if I see it happen again.