Remote server development slow to a halt over time

Hi! First of all I love cursor.

Recently, as of a few weeks ago I’ve noticed that when I am coding on a notebook in cursor, using a remote server, cursor just becomes super slow. The terminal is also very, very slow (a few seconds to just type a simple command myself, huge lag).

This does NOT happen in vscode.

Also, when I have that slowness in Cursor, I also have it outside of cursor ssh-ing into the server. This is however, not an issue with the server, because as soon as I close Cursor it goes back to normal. The problem is Cursor is somehow taking all the bandwidth.

Could you please look into this? Right now it is literally not workable and have to switch to VSCode (which feels like coding in the 90s).


gotcha. complaint noted. do you have a reproduction i use btw?

Not a step by step. Essentially as long as you open up a jupyter notebook on a remote server and work on it for 10-15 minutes with a bunch of data that forces cursor to stream back and forth, you’ll hit the problem.

Is there a way to download the older versions of cursor while this is fixed?

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I have the same problems,when I ssh into my a ubuntu machine, and use a python notebook. It becomes extremely slow after a few seconds, and the python language server stop working: I can’t rename, goto definition, or hover

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I disabled copilot++, and the notebook is fast again.
I think it might have been moving into a smaller folder, so it indexed less files