Renewal date for freel plan

Hello, where can I find the limit renewal date in the free version when I have already used up the limit? Thank you.

I don’t think there is an easy way for free users to currently see their renewal date. I’ll make a note of this so we can implement it as soon as possible. If you’d like, you can send me your email via chat, and I’ll send you your next renewal date.

Iam probably lame but i cant find a way to send you direct message :smiley: can you write me?

Of course! I sent you a message. Click on the speech bubble at the top right of this website.


i have no msg icon over there.

Oh. That’s weird. I sent you another message. You should be able to see it in your inbox.


Sorry, but is there a place I’m missing to see my renewal date as a paid user? I only ever see that’ve hit my limit and was starting to think it was a rolling reserver…


Paid users can click on “Manage Subscription” in the Cursor dashboard. That will bring you to your Stripe customer dashboard where you can find your next renewal date.



Sweet - thanks for getting back to me. Need to have more coffee before posting questions…

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