Run out of autocomplete uses despite having API key

I use my own API key for Cursor, but this morning I got the following message when I was using Cursor.

“You have run out of autocomplete uses. To cover the costs of running the model, you’ll have to upgrade to a pro to keep using autocomplete.”

As a relatively new user, I am confused about this since I thought there was no limit when I use my own API key. Additionally, I thought that Cursor doesn’t have autocomplete feature from reading this post. I currently use the Free tier of Cursor and have a Github Copilot individual subscription.

So I wonder, why am I seeing this message? Is this Cursor related or Copilot related? Thanks!

That might be coming from Copilot++. I think you only get a limited number of uses with it in the free tier, and then you need to upgrade to Pro because it’s a custom model and doesn’t work with your own API key. You can disable it here:


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Thank you! That’s very helpful.

Any idea how to get that toggle to enable / disable Copilot++?

This is all I see:

Deeper into settings, I only have the option to disable by language, not globally.

And I verified that I am using my OpenAI key.

All I see is “Copilot++” in strikeout font at the bottom right of my window, and hovering over it says “Requires pro (custom model)”

@sus Are you logged in with an account in the Cursor app?