Split "Rules for AI" into Global and Workspace/Project scopes

Current Behavior — A single “Rules for AI” input field containing the user’s customized system message is provided under the “MORE” tab. Instructions entered in here persist globally across the app, making it impossible (or quite troublesome) to include information about the specific project being worked on.

Suggested Behavior — Include two input fields under “Rules for AI”: The first is global (i.e. same behavior as the current field). The second field, however, is stored at the Workspace/Project level, and thus will change depending on the Workspace that is loaded. Both of these fields can then be combined into the system message sent with each prompt. I suggest calling the first field “Global Rules for AI”, and the second “Workspace Rules for AI”.

Edit — Another option could be to allow creating a text file containing workspace-specific instructions in the project root, much like the various config files for things like ESLint and Prettier. Such a file, if found in the project root, could simply be appended to the system message sent to the AI.


Yea, that would be great. It’s on our to-do.

can we’ve this rules or rather a persistent prompt acorss each individual chat?

something i’m waiting for as well

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Workspace-level rules for ai is shipped! Cursor will now look for a .cursorrules file in the root of your repo.