Support for Flutter/Dart seems flaky

I find Cursor practically unusable for Flutter/Dart - am I missing something?

I get great suggestions from Bard (even Bing), so much so that I am actively considering going back to VS-Code and just manually using Bard/Bing…

Both Bard and Bing can browse the internet. Have you tried adding the Flutter docs to your chat in Cursor?

I agree. I am finding I have to get in one way arguments with cursor when it comes to flutter apps.

Cursor LLM just isn’t the same as their plain counterparts on Claude.AI and OpenAI.

They give more detailed answers, don’t skip steps and actually follow instructions better.

Not sure what you do. I code flutter for months with cursor, and it’s better than any web chat.

LLMs have less training data than, say Python. But still good enough.

Don’t expect complex 1-prompt solutions, go step by step. New chat if it hangs in hallucinations, or apply gets confused. Throw docs at it if obsolete stuff gets used (ie in packages).

Make sure to use
Sonnet 3.5
GPT-4 turbo (latest)
(in that order).

In case apply issues (happens sometimes), use GPT-4 turbo, since it’s been cursors “original” model.

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