Sync of keybindings and settings

I love the editor and the compatibilities with vscode and so far everything I’ve seen.
I spent some time remapping a couple of your default keybindings to those I like. I also have dozens of custom settings and keybindings in my vscode. they all work great, but I was wondering if you would offer some syncing options so I don’t need to worry about losing any updates I’ve made to my keybindings and settings.json. similar to what vscode offers. is that on the roadmap?


Appreciate the kind words!

Is this for syncing across computers? Ideally, would you want to sync these using your Microsoft or Github account using the same VSCode syncing UI?

yeah it’s for syncing across machines but tbh mainly for a peace of mind to know that my settings wont be lost when a freak accident happens that briks my machine.
I would like to just sync it via github. maybe as a gist? same UX as vscode would be great, meaning you don’t really need to think about it. it just happens in the background somehow.

Is syncing Cursor settings between two computers currently supported in any way?

I imported my extensions, etc, from VSCode into Cursor on one Mac. But it didn’t seem to replicate to my other Mac.

I am logged in on both Macs with a Cursor account in the Cursor app. I didn’t instantiate my account via a Google or GitHub account.

No syncing of Cursor settings is supported at the moment. Noted this down as a feature request.


Love your work @truell20, Cursor is a fantastic tool.

I just wanted to +1 this feature request: I’m currently working between a Win 11 PC and a Mac laptop, and the inability to sync extensions as is natively supported on VSCode is quickly becoming very daunting.

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Even cooler would be if it could update VSCode settings and use VSCode’s built in syncing and backing up. That way it’d be possible to switch between Cursor and VSCode seamlessly, and across either on different machines.


^^ 100% agree with previous comment ^^

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Yeah, I would like sync of settings to VSCode or separately via a GH login

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I came here looking for this feature. It would be nice if cursor can sync key bindings and settings like we have in vscode

+1 to this feature request!

I don’t see a vote button, so I’m chiming in with the dreaded “me too.” I keep my vscode install as a kind of source of truth for settings in Insiders and Cursor, and would expect anything I set there to sync to the others–this works seamlessly for Insiders.

Is there a way to manually sync everything from one computer to a new one? I recently got a new Mac and want to move all my old settings and extensions over.

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It would be great to have this functionality as part of the IDE like Settings Sync in Visual Studio Code


Is it perhaps possible to sync Cursor e.g. via Dropbox, if you symlink the local contents to e.g. Dropbox?

I haven’t tested this yet – not sure exactly where all the local Cursor settings/extensions, etc, reside on MacOS. Please let me know if you have any idea on where those are.

Also not sure how “robust” this is, if it might cause problems between installs of Cursor on different computers.

Some files including extensions, seem to reside in ~/.cursor, and ~/Library/Application Support/Cursor/User, and possibly other locations?

+1 => using Cursor on home and work machines.