Unable to start debugging. .NET Debugging is supported only in Microsoft versions of VS Code. See https://aka.ms/VSCode-DotNet-DbgLicense for more information

Am I missing something obvious ? This works in vscode. So can I simply not f5 debug in cursor ?

Unfortunately, Microsoft blocks access to this :confused:

which leads me to another obvious question (but i have not seen an answer)
Why can’t cursor ai just be a plugin like similiar tools (cosine) ?

im guessing its because you need functionality beyond what a plugin can do ?

As a standalone application, Cursor has more control over the IDE, enabling greater AI integration possibilities.

Cmd-k and some of our other features aren’t possible as a plugin, as are many of the things we’re building toward in the future!

Hi, what alternatives do we have in this case?

I just have to have VS2022 open and cursor and jump back and forth. So cursor ends up getting in the way and being used solely for the chat window.