Unable to switch between models with Control + Forward slash

I can’t switch between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 with Control + Forward Slash, either prompting in chat or prompting in code.

I am using last version of cursor as of today (0.24.4). It didn’t work in previous ones either. For the note, I was unable using both Ubuntu 22 LTS and Windows 11.



Make sure the aiSettings.action.toggleModel shortcut is actually bound to something in the “Keyboard Shortcuts” page.

Seems like it shows that shortcut in the Chat UI regardless of whether it’s actually bound.

Thanks. Shortcut now is bound, with no other use for this keybinding to avoid conflicts.

Issue: works everywhere but when prompting. Bug or feature?

hotkeys for commands historically haven’t worked when you have the text box focused


there already are commands that work when text box is focused though?
E.g. Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+Shift+K