V0.33.4 Copilot++ doesn't run if there are lint errors

I’ve been using Cursor for quite a while and have been loving Copilot++, however as of v0.33.4 it no longer shows any suggestions in some C files.

My project builds correctly but some of my C files have intellisense warnings/errors (i.e. intellisense isn’t able to find all of the include files). It appears that if a file has a clang-tidy error then Copilot++ doesn’t work.

This first image shows the clang-tidy error and that Copilot++ isn’t providing a suggestion.

This second image (in my comment below as I can only embed one image per post :slightly_frowning_face:) shows the clang-tidy error line removed and Copilot++ successfully providing a suggestion.
[see image in the first comment]

In addition, I think it would be incredibly useful if X number of previous builds of Cursor were available for download (maybe there could be a small download button next to each version in the changelog). That way the community would be able to roll back to previous versions to continue using Copilot++ until any issues have been fixed.

This second image shows the clang-tidy error line removed and Copilot++ successfully providing a suggestion.

Right after you get no suggestion, could you screenshot the Output tab beside the Terminal when “Copilot++” is selected?

See the ‘Output’ below:

My IDE/System details are as follows:

Version: 0.33.4
VSCode Version: 1.86.2
Commit: 2dd5b2855ac68f3a3d3babee87d22b399a9db7d0
Date: 2024-05-11T02:05:08.197Z
Electron: 27.2.3
ElectronBuildId: undefined
Chromium: 118.0.5993.159
Node.js: 18.17.1
OS: Windows_NT x64 10.0.19045

Whilst this bug is being fixed, is there any way I can roll back to a previous version of the IDE with working Copilot++? It’s a massive pain that updating Cursor has basically bricked a huge part of a product that I pay for, with no possibility of reverting to a working state.

I have an idea how to debug this, will send you a DM of what to run in order for me to repro

In the meantime, try this: https://downloader.cursor.sh/builds/240428d499o6zja/windows/nsis/x64

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I’ve downloaded and installed v0.32.8 from your link and it appears that this bug is also present in that version:

However it seems quite intermittent; sometimes Copilot++ works sometimes it doesn’t. It does feel that if there are lint errors then Copilot++ stops suggesting.

Are you able to provide links to previous versions so I can try and see at what point Copilot++ was broken?

can we get the build 0.33.0 instead?

@amanrs @Cursor Team. Any update on this bug?

For some added context:

For a number of previous versions, Copilot++ would inexplicably stop working temporarily only to suddenly start functioning again for no apparent reason. The ‘non-working’ state was very sporadic and didn’t last that long so I thought it was just a quirk of AI/network issues etc.

As of V0.33.4 the ‘non-working’ state would persist indefinitely and wouldn’t start working again until I have commented out some random lint errors. However just typing half a variable name would stop Copilot++ from working as the ‘half variable name’ was deemed to be a lint error etc.

I have now rolled back to V0.32.8 and Copilot++ is still quite temperamental. I’m now working with the ‘Copilot++ Output’ window open constantly so that I can instantly tell when Copilot++ has stopped working (i.e. it displays the ‘Error in streaming cpp’ log message). Then I have to go and search for any lint errors (red squiggles) in the file and comment them out temporarily to get Copilot++ back up and running.

I still haven’t received your DM and Copilot++ is still not working.