When during month do Fast Requests reset?

I’ve noticed for the last month I’ve often been getting the “you’ve run out of fast requests” message. I thought this would reset but each time I’ve checked my account is still shows me capped out.

Is there a way to know when in the month your account is normally due to reset its quota?

I’m trying to judge how quickly I’m running through these.


The fast requests reset with your billing cycle. You can find your billing cycle information through the settings page.

Just go to the settings page through the portal and click “Manage Subscription”. You will find the information right there.

Thanks Navid.

I thought it might be by billing date but was then surprised to see it hit the limit again so quickly with same level of use (I think) that has usually kept it in check before.

Is it possible to look up what date my account hit the 500 limit?


I need the email address you use with cursor though. Can you send me an email to navid@anysphere.co?