Whisper Assistant Extension (Voice to text)

Hi guys,

I’m a Cursor Pro subscriber and ever since I started using the IDE I thought of how powerful it would be to be able to use my voice alongside Cursors GPT-4 code generator. I saw it wasn’t available already anywhere else so I created it myself!

The GitHub repo is here, if you’d like to see the code:

And the link to the VSCode extension is here:

It’s free to use as it uses on a local version of Whisper. All instructions are outlined in the repo and the extension readme.

It’s only tested on a Mac so open to feedback if you notice any issues. I’ve been coding with this for around 2 weeks and it’s definitely improved my Cursor experience!


this is really good.

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Enjoy, glad you like it!

I just posted a video of the Whisper Assistant in action with Cursor:


have you encounter these bugs before?

I haven’t! What OS are you using? I’ve only tested on a Mac M1 so wondering whether the OS could be an issue?

I have MacOs Sonoma / Macbook M1 Pro

yeah idk might be from my side. but re-installing didn’t work. maybe need to try sth else.

Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t work for me. I am running Cursor on Windows and have installed whisper (I can run it from the command line). However, the plugin keeps telling me Whisper is not installed. It’s in my PATH too.

The check for whisper just looks for the whisper command on the command line.
Run ‘whisper -v’ in a terminal to make sure it’s accessible, if it’s there then try restarting cursor and trying again.

It is accessible. As I said, I was able to use via the command line to transcribe some audio I recorded. I also tried restarting cursor and the terminal too.

Sorry but I’m unsure what could be causing this. I had this issue the first first I installed Whisper but after a restart the command was found…

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This is dope man. Well done !!!

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