Support for speech to text

when will cursor support text to speech? its fine if you guys add support for local rendering using whisper but desperately need one model, this has been added to the github copilot and this can be a dealbreaker for me :smiling_face_with_tear: but I don’t wanna quit on cursor

Something similar to this but inbuilt in cursor Whisper Assistant Extension (Voice to text) - General - Cursor Community Forum as this installation has many fail points

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Hey @nishant, I asked Cursor about speech to text support a while back but they didn’t seem to have it on the roadmap. I’m intrigued to hear if this has changed now.

In the meantime, I’ve used the Whisper Assistant Extension daily for months on a Mac and it works great for me. I don’t have a lot time to support the extension in terms of testing on other platforms and debugging edge cases but I’m sure for many it works out of the box.

Have you managed to use it successfully yourself?

I certainly would appreciate it. It would be nice if i could be typing in my code window while asking questions through speech.

Hey martin, thanks for making that extension, I did try it but getting some errors while installing as I use windows OS. That’s why asking here to have natives support which will remove this dependency

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Feel free to open an issue on the GitHub project about the problems you are having. If I can I will see if I can solve the issues on Windows OS if you let me know the details.

Of course, native support would be preferred but this may work in the meantime! :slight_smile:

VSCode Speech (VS Code Speech - Visual Studio Marketplace) is now integrated with Copilot Chat.

Any idea if speech is on Cursor’s roadmap?

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I am currently using SuperWhisper for coding. Since Cursor lacks the vscode voice. You can try SuperWhisper, I use it to create the input for copilot+ - click were you need it then alt+space. The SuperWhisper prompt I am using is simple: Your task is to take the text provided and follow the rules below.

  1. Rewrite it into a clear, grammatically correct prompt while preserving the original meaning as closely as possible.
  2. The prompt always concerns coding problems and is an input to GitHub Copilot. Correct spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, verb tense issues, word choice problems, and other grammatical mistakes.
  3. Output should only include the rewritten text without your quotes, commentary, or preamble.

It works great, but if anyone try this and create a better prompt that could be used for creating input prompts for the cursor copilot, I would be interested in trying it, so please share it. One thing—I have attempted to integrate a feature for terminals that allows me to control the terminal, but yesterday, I found LLM-CMD to generate and execute commands in your shell. I already use Simon Wilson’s LLM for several projects; he has a lot of useful repos. But the LLM-CMD combined with something like Superwisper is Superhandy. Now I can eat Doritos without getting an orange keyboard.
PS - Superwhisper is free if you have a Setapp account (dont know if I would pay for Superwhisper without it) Superwhisper uses a local model for VTT but you need to add openai API key to convert the VTT into the prompt text.

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I would think Cursor could easily make this setup by adding a llm that you would download to enable the voice, controlling terminal through voice is not hard but NLP to code could potentially create a hazard. I use it for git and other simple things that would be in training data so it has not created any mistakes but you should always read it before hitting enter.

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thanks for detailed reply, I did read it but forgot to reply. I wanted to try out what you said but I already wasted a lot of time with whisper, I’m thinking of quitng cursor to join other tools as support hasn’t been great here, Cody and github copilot seems good