Windows version, chat with codebase does not work, reloaded window, still doesn't work

I’m not sure why it’s falling apart now. But a few updates ago things were fine.
I even restarted Windows now after reloading the Cursor window did not work. I’ve only used 228 fast requests this month out of my 500. But it does not matter cursor-fast also won’t do anything.

If you had kept GitHub Copilot toggle-able I might have kept using it but now I will shut down Cursor until it’s updated and fixed and use VS Code and maybe not miss Cursor that much if I use VSCode Github Copilot + ChatGPT Custom GPT’s etc etc.

Regular chat button won’t do anything either.

How do I petition for a refund? I just spent an hour just using ChatGPT copy and paste into it with someone else’s Custom GPT from the GPT Store and barely notice a difference in productivity.

Just shoot a note to with your name or email (so we can find your billing account), and we’ll send you a refund.

Could you say a bit more about what’s going wrong with context chat or provide a screenshot? This would help a ton in figuring out the issue, as would reproduction steps.

I detached the chat from side pane (open in editor tab) couldn’t type so put it back in the side pane, couldn’t type anyways so reloaded window, still could not type, restarted windows, still could not type. Left cursor alone overnight, woke up Windows from sleep and now it seems to be working.

Sorry about this Nick.

If you shoot me an email to I will process your refund.

I’ll also keep your access for the next month so you can still use the IDE for the timebeing.

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I am using the Windows version, no Remote connection but just open an Ubuntu terminal and it’s good enough so don’t need a refund for the time being.

But I’m scared to update, on version 0.28.0 right now.


Same here, it dosen’t work, currently on Windows + Ubuntu WSL, could you do something about this?

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