You have reached your initial allocation for gpt-4

Hey friends,

what’s happening here? I don’t have fast requests, but I thought gpt-4 was unlimited?
Please help! ping @truell20

and now it’s working again… of course.
After failing for a few minutes.

Came to check on this myself, as I just got the same. No problems otherwise, so I was wondering if maybe there was some change in policy (hopefully not; fingers crossed) but account/subscription details all look the same.

Hopefully just intermittent? I am really loving the service though, it’s been worth every cent! Cheers.

here we go again… hard to work today

Thank you for flagging! This should now be fixed. Let me know if you ever see something like this again.

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here we go again, @truell20 :frowning:

Oh no, looking into this. Does this happen on every chat for you?

nope, only from time to time and only in the cmd+k so far (might be a coincidence).
I haven’t had the issue in a few minutes now :slight_smile:

Does this happen when the slow request takes an especially long time to respond? I.e. are you waiting ~20 sec for a response and then seeing that popup.

that seems to be the case, yes!
(I’m out of fast requests for this month)

any update @truell20? :slight_smile:
yesterday was a a bit of a rough day.

Think this comes from us not allocating enough compute to slow pool users. Going to look into bumping this today! Just want to make sure we don’t slow down the fast pool.