"AI Preview / Notes" not working

For some reason when I hold shift, I don’t get the “AI notes” that are meant to pop up, not sure if this was recently removed, or I need to toggle on a specific setting to get them to work. I’m on the pro plan, and I’m using the following cursor version.

Version: 0.35.0
VSCode Version: 1.89.1
Commit: 5f9353ed8be369c4ac2b4d43596f5ff281746ec0
Date: 2024-06-08T04:53:54.048Z
Electron: 28.2.8
ElectronBuildId: undefined
Chromium: 120.0.6099.291
Node.js: 18.18.2
OS: Darwin arm64 23.4.0

You can enable it by searching for “cursor aipreview” in the vscode settings menu.

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Seen, working! Thank you :slight_smile: