How does "AI preview" work?

I tried enabling the option and holding shift, but nothing seems to happen. I did this both with & without a selection at a code symbol.

I’m on 0.26.0

Works now! Not sure if it’s related to a recent update, but previously I did try holding shift for quite a while and didn’t see anything happen.

Hi @rohitpaulk! Glad to hear that it works :slight_smile: Please let me know if you find it useful in your usual workflow!

What is it about?

i was confused too, you have to hold shift and move your cursor around on top of different variables. it doesn’t recognize everything, only things that are “typed” within the language of the file.

Can someone share a video or screenshot of it please?

I can’t get it to do anything.
Perhaps I’m doing something wrong.

Example screenshot:

As others mentioned, this only works in certain files and on certain symbols. Trying this on a string value in a .ts file doesn’t work for example. Would be nice if there was some feedback saying “AI preview not available”

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what kinds of files does this not work on?

You are correct that this only works on “identifiers” (not strings/numbers/special langauge keywords)

We will do a better job of making it’s behavior understandable in the next release.

Could you please share how you got the AI preview to work? I’ve tried holding shift but nothing happens. Could you also explain when and where exactly I should hold shift, and what the primary use case of this feature is?

If you hold shift while the cursor is on top of an “identifier”, a preview with some notes will show up.

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